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June 2017 Pet of the Month

Meet Binky!

Name: Binky (We know–not a sophisticated name for such a gorgeous cat. We originally named him Lincoln, given his beautiful copper colored coat, but that soon morphed into Linky, which morphed into Binky, and somehow that stuck!)

Breed: Abyssinian (cinnamon)

Likes: Having his belly rubbed; sleeping in his heated bed or under the covers with us; FOOD; sitting like a sphinx; eating plastic then throwing […]

May 2017 Pet of the Month

Meet Grant!

Name: Grant Mitchell

Breed: Flame Point Siamese

Likes: Food, including whatever my human drops on the floor or forgets on the counter. (I have been known to steal the toasted half of a bagel when my human isn’t looking.) My favorite pastime includes roaming the apartment and window gazing while holding my toy “Mousie” in my mouth. I also love tussling with my brother, Charlie Slater, […]

April 2017 Pet of the Month

Meet Eliza and Pumpkin!

Name: Eliza and Pumpkin

Breed: Both Eliza and Pumpkin are American shorthair tabbies

Likes: Eliza likes perching proudly on the top of cat trees and having her silky fur gently brushed. Pumpkin likes perching wherever she takes a catly notion to perch and then enjoys depositing copious fur gifts thereon.

We may live under the same roof, but don’t get in my […]

March 2017 Pet of the Month

Meet Cindy!

Name: Cinderella (aka “Cindy”)

Breed: Striped Tabby (with a white “necklace” around her neck)

Likes: Snuggling, burying under covers, lying in the sun, watching critters in the yard, playing with Ama, being groomed by Mama

Chill, man, life is good.

Dislikes: Sudden noises

About Cinderella: Cindy is the most respectful, kind, dainty cat I have ever known. She asks nothing of anyone. She came to me […]

February 2017 Pet of the Month

Meet Mister Whiskers!

Name: Mister Whiskers

Breed: Orange tabby

Likes: Ear, chin, and belly rubs, looking out the window, sleeping in the sunshine, waking up at 4am for snacks, silently judging everyone

What do you mean I already ate?

Dislikes: Being picked up, the loud vacuum cleaner, and really any type of disturbance

About Mister Whiskers: Mister is a chunky green-eyed fellow who meowed his way into my […]

January 2017 Pet of the Month

Meet Pippin and Sasha!

Name: Pippin and Sasha

Breed: Manx Tabbies

Likes: Whiling away the hours together eating, napping and playing – in that order.

We’re two Good Hombres!

Dislikes: Too much time in between meals

About Pippin and Sasha: These Manx brothers are two Good Hombres! Pippin and Sasha, rescued from a kitty mill nine years ago, are as social and loving as they are adorable. Given […]

December 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Bella & CoCo!

Name: Bella (black & white) & CoCo (tortoiseshell)

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Lounging in warm sunny windows, sitting in piles of blankets right out of the dryer, sitting in any box our mother brings home, tummy rubs, chin scratches and, most of all, snuggles with our human mother. We also love & appreciate all the great care & attention we get from […]

November 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Buster!

Name: Buster Kullberg

Breed: Orange Tabby

Likes: Looking handsome. Drinking water from your glass, guests’ glasses, the bathtub, the Christmas tree, and the toilet. Nibbling people’s noses. Asking for more food at 4am even though his bowl is full. Eating the wall to wall carpeting. Eating his compounded Prozac tuna treats to stop him from eating the wall to wall carpeting. Getting his cheeks brushed. […]

October 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Bella!

Name: Bella

Breed: Tabby/American Shorthair

Likes: Cramming herself into everything: boxes, bags, visitor’s purses. Sliding across duvet covers and clean sheets. Singing the song of her people all night long while we are trying to sleep.

I’m so pleased with the new addition to my staff!” (when she met her new favorite pet sitter, James)

Dislikes: Moving from the rug right in the middle of […]

September 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Gracie!

Name: Gracie

Breed: American Medium Hair

Likes: Gracie likes the simple things in life, like playing with her toy mice, receiving a good brushing, sleeping away the day, chatting for attention, and mildly annoying her human companion by swatting at her nose at dawn and drinking from her water glass.

I meow therefore I am.

Dislikes: Gracie dislikes the vacuum cleaner, a ringing telephone, and […]