2018 Pets of the Month

//2018 Pets of the Month

April 2018 Pet of the Month

Meet Zumba!

Name: Zumba

Breed: Mixed tabby long hair

Likes: Basking in the sun, tissue paper, boxes, circular staircase that serves as a giant cat tree, hiding in piles of pillows, and watching TV on my mom’s lap.

First I’m a model and now I’m Pet of the Month. I’m truly irresistible!

Dislikes: Getting my nails clipped, vacuums, dogs that scare me

About Zumba: About 4 years ago, […]

March 2018 Pet of the Month

Meet Hancock!

Name: Hancock

Breed: Mixed Tabby Shorthair

Likes: Food, sneaking up on humans and (toy) mice, food, leather laces, food, fresh catnip, food, warm laps, food, feathers, and food.

Tag! You’re it. (After sneaking up behind you and swatting your ankle.)

Dislikes: Bellman carts, vacuum cleaners, any furniture moved from its usual location, empty food bowls

About Hancock: The Western Maryland Rail Trail, a 27 mile long bike […]

February 2018 Pet of the Month

Meet Mickey!

Name:  Mickey

Breed: Bicolor Blue Point Ragamuffin

Likes: Wrestling with his brother Gus, following the two nine-year old cats around, belly rubs, watching the squirrels and the birds in the backyard, and, most of all, food – he’ll try anything once!

Dislikes: So far, Mickey’s only dislike is being alone but he’s reserving judgment on hairdryers and vacuums.

About Mickey:  Mickey is a 9 1/2 month […]

January 2018 Pet of the Month

Meet Pepe!

Name: Pepe Chalmers

Breed: Orange Costa Rican Diplocat

Likes: Eating plastic wrappers, watching squirrels through the window, pretending he’s the captain of his laundry basket cruise ship, and opening his own Christmas presents

Dios mio, soy guapo! (“My god, I’m handsome!”)

Dislikes: Snuggling on anyone’s terms other than his, when mom packs for a trip, a dirty cat box, and moving

About Pepe: Pepe is a […]